Programmable Multi Function Dual display Dosing Controller

Programmable Multi Function Dual display Dosing Cotroller

Availability: Available on backorder
Model DOT-4D2
Size 48*48*90 mm
Cut Out 44*44 mm
Mounting Type Panel Mounting
I/P Supply 230VAC,+/-15%,50Hz. (Others on Request)
Timing Range UP/Duration/Low/Total=999 Sec
Display Method Upper = 4-Digit 0.39” RED 7-Segment LED display.for PV
Lower= 4-Digit 0.28” GREEN 7-Segment LED LED display for SV.
Time Setting Front Key Pad.
SetPoint 4- Setpoint.
Count Direction UP
Start Logic Power ON / Front Key/External Dry Contact
Cycle Reset Front Key, Power interruption.
Control O/P 2-Nos of 1 C/O-Relay o/p (5A@230vac) each for UP & Low
OutPut Indication LED Indication on the front panel for Each O/P status.
EMC Standard EN50081-2 & EN 50082-2 Generic Stds for Industrial Environment
Safety Standards Meets EN61010, Installation Catagory II
Operating Ambient 0’C to 55’C
Storage Temperature -10 to +70 °C
Operating Humidity 5~80%RH Non-condensing

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