Programmable Single Compressor Continuous Freezer Machine PLC

Fully Programmable Single Compressor Continuous Freezer Machine PLC

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Model CF-200
Over All Size 192*96*80 mm
Cut Out 188*92 mm
Mounting Type Panel Mounting
I/P Supply 230VAC,+/-15%,50Hz. (Others on Request)
Load Sensor I/P 3-Nos Measuring CT for Dasher Motor & Compressor
Indication Range (a) 9.9 A For Dasher (b) 30A For Compressor
Indication Accuracy 0.1 % of FSR
Display Method (a) 2-Digit 0.56” RED LED Display for Dasher Motor & Comp.AMP.Indication.
(b) 4-Digit 0.56” WHITE LED Display for Pump RPM Indication.
Setting Method Front 4-Feather Touch Water Proof Keypad ( SET,+,–, ENTER)
O/P Function Operation Front 7-Feather Touch Water Proof Keypad
( Mains, Pump, Dasher, Comp, RSV, Hot Gas, AL. Ack)
Control O/P 6-Nos
(a) Pump Start (b) Dasher Motor (c) Comp-1.(d) RSV (e) Hot Gas. (f) Buzzer
(N/O type relay contact,2A@230VAC)
Analog O/P 0-10VDC for Pump Speed.
Digital I/P Signal Opto Isolated for (a) H.P Trip (b) L.P Trip
O/P Indication Status By front panel 7-LED indication.
EMC Standard EN50081-2 & EN 50082-2 Generic Stds for Industrial Environment
Safety Standards Meets EN61010, Installation Catagory II
Operating Ambient 0’C to 55’C
Storage Temperature -10 to +70 °C
Operating Humidity 5~80%RH Non-condensing


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