Single CH.Auto Clave Controller / Logger

Fully Prograamble Single Valve Auto Clave Programmer.

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  • Temperature Input : RTD Pt100
  • Programmable Sterilization Timer with Guaranteed Soak Time
  • High Temperature Safety Alarm
  • Computed Saturated Steam Pressure Display
  • Independent Purging and Sterilization Set-points
  • Independent Outputs for Air Valve & Steam Control
  • All phases of the cycle such as steam generation process, auto air-purging phase, sterilization and auto steam-exhaust phase proceed automatically. If any errors are depicted they are printed via Thermal printer as well as displayed on Graphic Screen
  • On screen you can see the messages being displayed of each and every process running at that time;for example: initial heating,purging on ,purging off,sterilization on, evacuating on, System ready
  • Temperature Dependent Cycle Resumption Upon Power Interruption
  • Automatic steam exhaust at the end of cycle.
    • Digital Inputs for Door Open & Low Water Level Detection
    • In Built Thermal printer interface for direct printout of the logged data as well as messages.
    • Messages are printed in detail with each and every process starting temperature and time getting logged; for example :Purging on start temp. and time, Purging off start temp. and time, Sterilization start temp. and time , evacuating start temp. and time
    • USB interface for data logging on PC upto 1000 logs
  • Direct Printout of Report On Thermal Printer & USB Pen Drive.
  • USB PEN Drive Detection Message ON display.

Additional information

Over All Size

72*72*75 mm

Cut Out

68*68 mm

I/P Supply


I/P Sensor (Seletable)

J/K/RTD (Field selectable)

Display Indication

Single 4-Digit 0.56'' RED or WHITE 7 Segment LED display.

I/P Sensor & Range

a) J-T/C-0 to 400'C
b) K-T/C-0 to 1200'C
c) RTD 1'C: –99'C to 400.C
d) RTD-0.1: -99.9'C to 400.0'C

Indication Accuracy

0.25% of FSR or 2'C Max,Software Calibrated Lineariser.

Display Resolution

a) TC -1'C
b) RTD-1'C or 0.1'C


Automatic Cold Junction compensation for TC.

Setting Method

By Front Key pad

Control Method

ON/OFF ,Cooling with delay & TP Or Auto Tune PID (PID) (Field selectable)

Control O/P

1 C/O-Relay o/p (5A@230vac) & Isolated SSR o\p (+12vdc)


Single Set point.

Sensor Break Protection

Relay gets OFF when sensor breaks.

Main Relay status

By front panel LED indication.


35 – 65%RH.

Model AC-144-1V
Digital Readout Mono Chrom Graphics LCD 128×64 with Blue or Green Back Lit.
Status Indicators 6 Red LEDs (3mm ) Heater/Valve/Purging ON/Sterli.ON/Alram/System ON
Type 8 Tactile Switches
Sensor Input
Type 1-No RTD (Pt100), 3 wire
Display Range 0 to 150.0’C
Display Resolution 0.1’C for Temp. & 00.0 PSI for Pressure.
Accuracy ± 0.25% of reading ± 1°C
Sterilization Timer
Operation Mode Soak Time at Sterilization Setpoint with Hold Band
Range 1 to 999 Minutes
Power-fail Recovery Resume, Reset, Abort
Chamber Heater Control
Output (OP-1) Relay Change-over Contacts 3A Resistive @ 120/240 Vac or SSR Drive ( Factory Set)
Air Purging Control
Control Type ON-OFF
Output (OP-2) Relay Change-over Contacts 3A Resistive @ 120/240 Vac or SSR Drive ( Factory Set)
Functions High Temperature Deviation, End-of-Sterilization, Low Water Level,Door Open
Output (OP-3) 12VDC O/p for Buzzer
Data Recording
Storage Device USB PEN Drive ,Inbuilt Data Memory Up to 1000 Reading.
Thermal Printer
Recording Interval User Programmable
Recording Data Batch Number
(Date/Time Stamped) Operator Name
Process Values of Temperatures & Pressure
Start Command
Air Valve Close
Sterilization Start
Air Valve Open
Sterilization End
Power Supply
Line Voltage Standard : 85~264 VAC, 50/60Hz (Optional : 18~36 VDC)
Consumption 5VA Max
Mounting Panel Mounting Clamps
Overall Dimensions 144(H) X 144(W) X 130(D), mm
Panel Cutout 140(H) X 140(W), mm
Operating Ambient 0’C to 55’C
Storage Temperature -10 to +70 °C
Operating Humidity 5~80%RH Non-condensing
EMC Standard EN50081-2 & EN 50082-2 Generic Stds for Industrial Environment
Safety Standards Meets EN61010, Installation Catagory II


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