Gas Fired Burner Sequence Programmer

Gas Fired Burner Sequence Programmer

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  • The highly reliable field-proven system under harsh environment.
  • Easy maintenance, simple installation, and commissioning procedure.
  • Most reliable than other Light-dependent monitors.
  • Efficient detection of LPG/Neutral gas flame.
  • Unaffected by heat, ambient light or soot from the flame, since this flame detector detects flame only through flame conduction.
  • If the detection system fails, Circuitry test all electronics components In the flame detection system during burner operation & shuts down the burner
  • Unique excellent multi-burner operation. It can detect individual flame in multi-burner operation. This is sometimes difficult for other light-dependent monitors as they may be affected by the presence of flame at the other adjacent burners.
  • It can be used as an automatic burner controller with a pilot and the main burner.
Model GBP-96
Over All Size 96*96*50 mm
Cut Out 92*92 mm
Mounting Panel Mounting.
I/P Supply 230VAC,+/-15%,50Hz.(Other Supply on Request)
Flame Sensing Method Ionization Electrode Or UV Cell Type
Control O/P 5-Nos
(a) Blower (b) Ignition © Fuel Valve-1(d) Fuel Valve -2 (e) Alarm
OutPut Indication LED Indication on the front panel for Each O/P status.
System Reset Method Front Panel Push Button & Remote
EMC Standard EN50081-2 & EN 50082-2 Generic Stds for Industrial Environment
Safety Standards Meets EN61010, Installation Catagory II
Operating Ambient 0’C to 55’C
Storage Temperature -10 to +70 °C
Operating Humidity 5~80%RH Non-condensing


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